Law Enforcement Training

Topics At A Glance

New Correctional Officer AcademyLaw Enforcement Training

During FY12 the curriculum for the Correctional Entry Level Training Program was revamped and expanded in a collaborative effort by the state’s Police and Correctional Training Commissions (PCTC) and correctional staff throughout Maryland. Recruits now undergo 35 days of training, more scenario-based exercises, much more intensive physical training and classes on inmate behavior, fraternization, mental health and dealing with special populations.

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International Training Efforts

DPSCS is a leader in law enforcement training, evidenced by the various international agencies that seek out our expertise. During FY12:

  • PCTC hosted eight classes for nearly 140 students from the Mexican government on topics that ranged from best practices in parole and probation, to correctional leadership, to case management techniques.
  • PCTC staff also traveled to Mexico for additional classes.

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Crime Prevention Training/Outreach

The Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute (MCCPI), a unit within PCTC, serves the community through crime prevention programs and materials. During FY12:

  • MCCPI reached 5,302 people with topics that ranged from bullying, gangs, personal property protection and crime prevention issues relevant to seniors.
  • Training opportunities were expanded through MCCPI with the addition of a grant funded position that does outreach specifically to school administrators, teachers and parents on gang awareness.
  • The Drug Awareness Resistance Education (DARE) academy is also run out of MCCPI, graduating 21 new officers and providing annual in-service training for 110 more who will take the message back to schools in Maryland and across the country.

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Quick Facts

Correctional Academy

  • New, expanded curriculum implemented FY12
  • Recruits now undergo 35 days of training – includes more scenarios, physical training, handling specialized management populations, fraternization

Crime Prevention Institute

  • 5,302 people reached during FY12 – law enforcement, citizens, businesses
  • Topics range from bullying to personal property protection
  • New grant funded position added FY12 dealing with schools and gang awareness

DARE Academy

  • 21 new officers graduated during FY12
  • In-service training for 110 officers