Victim Services

As offenders pass through our correctional facilities and parole/probation supervision, or an individual applies to the MD Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) for financial restitution associated with criminal acts, victim services units are there to help crime victims navigate the process as well as keep them informed of offender whereabouts and any changes in supervision status. During FY11:

  • After the development of an intensive curriculum in 2010, all parole and probation supervisors and agents received training on domestic violence and victims’ rights issues
  • CICB approved more than 1,000 claims for financial assistance and saw a 14% drop in the average number of days it took to process a claim over FY09
  • By working more closely with the claimants to understand the process, CICB reduced the number of claims returned for incomplete or misinformation to fewer than 20
  • 1,793 flags were added to offender RAP Sheets to indicate domestic related incidents following an initiative in FY10 to utilize technology to improve victim services by DPSCS’ Information, Technology and Communications Division (ITCD) and the Family Violence Council of Maryland
  • ITCD was also the main conduit to electronically notifying 6,455 petitioners/victims that law enforcement served a protective order following implementation of the new system in FY10 in conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention

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A Commitment to Victim Rights’ Awareness and Service

During National Crime Victims’ Rights Week DPSCS not only reached out to the victim services community to increase awareness, but also received recognition for staff accomplishments. During FY11:

  • Secretary Maynard received the Virginia Mahoney Award during the Governor’s Victim Assistance Awards in April for his leadership in implementing a unique and creative approach to revamping CICB the previous yearVictim awareness graph
  • The Kaizen Team that examined and refined CICB’s operations, which included staff as well as victim service stakeholders from the community, was also honored. They transformed CICB’s direction and policy to allow for sensitive and timely interaction with victims who submit claims
  • A Parole and Probation Victim Services Coordinator, a defensive tactics instructor from the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions and an employee from CICB were also honored by the Governor’s Office for their individual efforts to improve victim services
  • DPSCS hosted five regional Open Houses across the state that allowed victim service professionals and citizens to learn more about services available through the Department

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Victim Services News

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Quick Facts

  • All Parole & Probation staff trained in intensive victim services curriculum
  • 1,793 flags added in FY11 to RAP sheets to indicate domestic violence incidents
  • 6,455 petitioners/victims electronically notified of protective order service in FY11

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

  • 14% reduction in average number of days to process claim FY09 vs. FY11
  • Reduced claims returned for incomplete or misinformation to fewer than 20